debra gerardi


(650) 560-8658

Half Moon Bay, CA. USA

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I find joy in living by the sea and wandering unknown pathways. I have a natural curiosity and a love of learning that extends into diverse fields of inquiry- the nature of playfulness, the ecology of human systems, depth psychology, relational approaches to conflict, cooking, comedy, photography and music.

I completed my first triathlon at age 56. I am not a swimmer. I have five academic degrees and I have performed in over 300 improv comedy performances. I am proud of both of these feats of magic. I seem to attract stray animals- wild and domesticated- and I am excited every time I see a whale break the surface of the water or a pelican complete a perfect dive.

I have an abundance of patience, an intuitive nature and a keen ability to see patterns and connections. I am not good with spreadsheets or cruelty- I think these may be related. I have a strong sense of social justice and I believe that kindness and humility are superpowers. 

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